• Our Mission

    Fort Bend Montessori offers your child a strong and diverse scholastic foundation by integrating traditional and Montessori approaches to teaching.

    Every child is unique and our lessons are tailored to your child’s needs. Discipline and focus are key components of education.
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  • Our Community and Culture

    At Fort Bend Montessori we are proud of our ethnically diverse population of students who come from many different cultures and backgrounds.

    We are a small private school dedicated to giving children a strong scholastic foundation and a sense of independence and responsibility that is instilled through discipline.
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  • What is Montessori?

    Our school fuses traditional Montessori teaching with traditional methodologies to give your child a broad scope of learning styles. Because most children move on to other schools after first grade, combining Montessori and traditional styles allows your child to integrate into a variety of learning environments and helps them achieve scholastic goals fluidly.
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